Radon Gas In Your Kansas City Rental Property: Upcoming Workshop

Radon gas in Kansas City is a problem.  But how much of a problem?  What are the real health risks versus myth?  What are your liabilities concerning radon gas and your Kansas City rental property? 

Radon gas is tricky.  It can also be scary and highly misunderstood.  Real estate agents are aware of it but seldom do we really understand what it can do to you over the long term.  All we really know is that it can throw a wrench into inspections at the last minute, which nobody likes. 

A real estate agent down in Charlotte, North Carolina wrote on Radon Gas last November.  And here is a helpful website from the Kansas State Engineering Extension breaking down radon gas in a more text-book sort of way.  I’ll let you go off and read those now.  But when you come back we’ll discuss a free workshop being sponsored by KCRAR (Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors) for investment property owners, real estate agents and property managers that you may wish to attend.  Look below the photo!!!  And by the way, my house recently came in at 3.3.  You’ll have to come to the workshop or read the second website to know if that’s good or bad.  🙂

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Radon & Rental Housing Workshop
Friday August 8, 2008 9:00 am – Noon

Targeted to rental housing owners, managers, inspectors, housing agencies, real estate agents and others in the rental housing industry, this seminar will provide information and resources necessary to deal with radon in their holdings in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Radon basics, testing processes, reduction methods, risks and liability issues will be covered in this 3-hour seminar, with handouts and a free radon test provided for the first 25 people through the door.

Come hear from the experts at Kansas State University’s engineering extension office. This is not the same Continuing Education class they regularly teach at KCRAR, because this one is especially for landlords and those who work with rental properties.

THIS IS NOT FOR CE!Questions? Contact Jan Pringle, KCRAR Education Director, (913) 498-1100, or janp@kcrar.com.

ATTENTION:  Jan Pringle of KCRAR just sent me this so be sure to register!  I just did.

Wow! That’s great.  What a nice website, too!

Just one thing, would you please put in your article that KCRAR members can register online there at www.KCRAR.com, but NON-KCRAR MEMBERS must email me to reserve a seat??? We have limited seating and I have to keep ahead count.


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4 responses to “Radon Gas In Your Kansas City Rental Property: Upcoming Workshop

  1. Where did you get your blog layout from? I’d like to get one like it for my blog.

  2. It’s a free wordpress layout. Press Row, I think.

  3. This is the most helpful article I’ve scan all year. GREAT stuff, thank you!

  4. Radon is nothing to mess around with, its the number 2 cause for lung cancer, i dont want my kids around it, i have systems in my house and my rental house. i would have loved to come to your workshop! Thanks for talking to the public about randon, not too many people know about what it does or how bad it can be to your heath!

    radon north carolina

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