Kansas City Property Manager

Are you looking for a property manager for your Kansas City area home?  KCPropertyManager.com offers licensed property management for Clay and Jackson County, Missouri and Johnson and Wyandotte County, Kansas.

Chris Lengquist and his leasing staff are licensed real estate agents in Missouri and Kansas.  That’s a big difference to you.

Why being licensed matters

  • In Missouri, it’s the law.  Really.  Check with the state.  At least 60% of the property managers in Missouri that we know of in and around KC are not licensed and will argue otherwise.  Just check with the state!  🙂
  • Being licensed, we are open to audit.  Missouri has audited our business and money handling policies and procedures and we’re quite certain they will do it again.  That should provide you with a level of comfort.
  • While Kansas does not require a real estate license isn’t it nice to know that you have property managers in Kansas practicing safe real estate such as conforming to Equal Opportunity Housing laws and getting Lead Based Paint Disclosures signed?

Feel free to jump over to our property management website  to find out more.   It’s nothing fancy but it does provide you with back door access so that you can monitor your properties and account for your money when it’s convenient to you.

Kansas City Property Management

Our property management services on the Missouri side of Kansas City are run through Ad Astra Realty, Inc and are subject to review by the State of Missouri.

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