Thankful for What Real Estate Has Provided Me

This will be a short post to let you know how thankful I am for what real estate has provided me and my family.

  • An income that exceeds my initial expectations
  • A path to a secure retirement
  • Opportunity to assist others
  • Opportunity to have enough to give
  • Opportunity

I’m a college drop out.  It’s not that I couldn’t finish.  Heck, I still could.  I just chose to go out and work. Earlier in my life this seemed like a mistake.  But I adapted and learned and failed and succeeded here and there.

Then I met Randy Lindemuth, my first real estate broker.  To this day I’m so thankful he came in to my life.  In fact, I’m going to pick up the phone and remind him of that as soon as I am done writing.

To all of you I wish a joyful and peaceful Thanksgiving. I sincerely hope you have the time to reflect on what you have to be thankful about and that you get to share that with people you love.

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Investment vs Speculation

One of the topics I like to revisit over and over is the idea of real estate investing versus real estate speculation.

Real estate investing is the thoughtful approach to building wealth through the acquisition of good, solid properties and then allowing the 4 Benefits of Real Estate Investing to do their thing.

  1. Cash flow before taxes
  2. Principal reduction
  3. Tax benefits
  4. Appreciation

Real estate speculation is the hopeful approach to building wealth as quickly as possible (or possibly losing wealth) through the acquisition of properties “on the come”.

  1. Your guess could be very wrong about a neighborhood.
  2. Your guess could be very wrong about the economy.
  3. Your guess could be very wrong about the rents.

I’m not saying people don’t make money through real estate speculation But it’s more of an “active” way to earn income versus a “passive” way to earn income.

Feel free to call us should you have any more questions about the difference.  It’s better to know beforehand what you are getting yourself in to when it comes to real estate purchases.

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Property Management Insights

Here are some property management insights from a guy who has about 1,700 lease years of experience.

  • Real estate is a great investment vehicle.
  • Your property manager matters.
  • Some tenants, no matter what, will not be happy.
  • Some owners, no matter what, will not be happy.
  • Property managers are paid to fix/solve problems.
  • If it was easy, everyone could do it.
  • If you have another profession, hire a property manager.
  • Don’t try to lease in winter. It will cost you money. Re-arrange the length of  your lease so it doesn’t happen twice.
  • Don’t allow sexual predators. They lower all your rents in the surrounding area.
  • Screen, screen, screen.
  • Even screened tenants can go bad.
  • Most people are doing the best they can.
  • Tenants want a clean, safe home…just like you.
  • There is a direct correlation between rent prices and tenant issues.

I could go on and on and on.  But those are off the top of my head right now.  Care to add any of your own?


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Real Estate Agents – Learn Real Estate Investing

real estate investment trainingThis post is a shout out to my real estate agent friends.  I know a lot of you are readers of this blog because I can filter it in the stats and through the comments and emails.  It is time you know that now you can learn real estate investing on another website I have.

REI Academy is an area of a coaching website I am putting together that is now ready to fly.  Would be and established real estate investors here in Kansas City and around the country are welcome to go in and poke around, as well.  The numbers easily transfer to you, too.  But know that the site is designed to help real estate agents to better understand the following:

  • How to work with real estate investors
  • The terms and math a real estate investor utilizes
  • Which investors you want to work with
  • Which investors you want to pass on working with
  • 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges

And there is more.  These are short little 4-8 minute videos that you can watch over and over again until you get a good understanding of the principles.  If you need to drill down deeper, feel free to contact me directly through email or visit my Coaching page.

As it is with all websites, there will be more content coming in the future to help real estate agents maintain their businesses in any market, grow market share and to raise their professional and ethical standards.  It should be fun and I’d love it if you’d join me on the journey.

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Pay Your Property Manager

Over and over again here at Ad Astra Realty – KC Property Manager we take over properties for owners who have been using property managers that they believe haven’t been doing the job.  Well you know what?  You need to pay your property manager.

One of the firms we take properties over from is a low cost property management firm here in Kansas City.  I know the owner.  I like the owner.  But he charges too little.  Way too little.  He cannot staff properly and therefore he cannot do the things a property manager need to do in order to;

  • Look after your property
  • Make deferred maintenance recommendations
  • Pay the owners on time, every time
  • Negotiate favorable vendor prices
  • Return most rental inquiries (no one hits 100%)

The job of property management takes a lot of man hours.  Man hours (or woman hours) have to be compensated.  If price is your only consideration when choosing a property management firm you get what you deserve. I’m not saying that the most expensive firm is the best.  But I am saying that there is a floor at which a property manager can actually look after your property properly.

Should you wish to discuss your income property management with us, just give us a call today.  Ask for Jimmy.

Ad Astra Realty
KC Property Manager

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Keller Williams Realty, Olathe, Kansas – My Once and Again Home

real estate careersAs of November 2, 2015 I have been named the Team Leader of Keller Williams Realty, Diamond Partners, Inc of Olathe, Kansas.  It’s an exciting time for me as not only do I deem this position to be a challenge I’m ready to take on but I also get to keep Ad Astra Realty Property Management that just keeps growing and growing.

Let’s talk about this for a minute.

Kansas City Real Estate Investing
Over the years I have been helping to train real estate agents on how to work with real estate investors.  In fact, I have even set up a website to help train real estate agents on how to help people who buy and sell income property. You can find that site at

If you are, have been or will be an income property owner looking for professional help with the purchase or sale of a rental property, feel free to still contact me.  I can assure you that I am overseeing the process and that the agent you work with will be well trained in the counselling of real estate investors.

Kansas City Property Management
Ad Astra Realty Property Management is still going strong.  We will soon exceed 300 homes under management and while the company is still owned and overseen by me, Jimmy Geisler is (and has been) running the day to day operations.  Jimmy came to us in the Spring of 2014 looking to expand his rental real estate holdings and soon thereafter joined our team as a property manager.  A sharp guy, he jumped in and learned from our existing team and melded that with his own personal experiences to quickly earn the right to run the business which freed me up for other projects.

Keller Williams Realty, Olathe Team Leader
Many of you know I have been a real estate agent since 2002 and have been with Olathe’s Keller Williams Realty since 2004.  I left in December 2015 to found Ad Astra Realty.  As luck would have it I found myself in conversations with the Operating Partner after the then Team Leader decided that her Mega Agent business was where she wanted to concentrate.  And since I had decided that I was going to start Teaching | Speaking | Coaching over at (a website in continual development) the fit to come back to Diamond Partners to Teach | Speak | Coach and Recruit seemed like a natural perfect.

This is an exciting time in my professional life.  And I want to THANK YOU for the many years many of you have followed me on this blog and across the web.  It has been, and continues to be, my honor to help people learn what makes a good investment property, a good property manager and a good real estate agent.

We’re just adding a chapter to the book here.  I’m not going anywhere away from the blog.  Now let’s have some more fun.  And, yes, this would have been posted yesterday but I was too consumed with the Royals World Series Win!!!

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Kansas City Royals – World Series Champions!

kansas city real estate champions

I simply cannot believe this day has come twice in my lifetime.  I’ll admit it.  I quit on them.

It was 2013, bases were loaded, two outs, down by three and we pinch hit with Mitch Meyers. I looked at my wife from my third base box seats and said “That’s it.  If they aren’t going to take this seriously, why should I?”  I had watched bad baseball for DECADES at that point.

Was I wrong, or what?

To be fair, we’d heard about “the process” in this town from the Chiefs and Royals for decades.  Only Sporting KC and KU Basketball seemed to know how to win. But Dayton Moore and, yes, Ned Yost pulled all the right strings.  Sometimes it just takes longer than you’d like.  But oh! how sweet this is.

The Kansas City Freaking Royals are the Champions of MLB!  The next-to-the-smallest market in the majors is sitting on top!

I’m just going to enjoy this.  We can talk about real estate another time.

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