BBQ Capital

abs.jpgThroughout this blog you will find updates of the different BBQ joints in and around Kansas City.  Heck, I’ve even been known to critique a BBQ restaurant from other cities as I travel around.

Like most Kansas Citians, I love my BBQ.  Especially Kansas City’s varieties of BBQ.  And that there can cause a feud.  BBQ instills passion like perhaps no other food.  Many regions of the country claim to be the best.   And while they are obviously wrong 🙂 you can understand their confusion when you realize no one can really even settle on what to call it or how to spell it.  Examples include:


Occasionally I will write about my experiences of the different BBQ’s around Kansas City on my blog.  (Just click the Home tab and look under the Categories section on the right to find the Kansas City BBQlink to take you to past blogs.)  Of course, the blog is basically devoted to real estate investing in and around Kansas City, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do both.  Right?

So sit back, enjoy the Q&A section.  Then tonight, stop by a barbeque joint of your choosing and down some ribs or brisket as you read through how to have a retirement worth having on BBQCapital.

Why is the URL of this blog BBQ Capital?

Because Kansas City is clearly the Capital of BBQ for the entire free world.

Where do you get off saying Kansas City is the BBQ Capital of the free world?  Haven’t you heard of Carolina BBQ?  Or Texas?  Or Memphis?

Why, yes.  I have.  I’ve even journeyed to those places to belly up to a big helping of smoked meat.  And they ARE good.

But you see, Memphis has it’s style.  Same with Texas and Carolina.  However, it’s been said Kansas City is the Constantinople of BBQ.  All styles are welcome here.  While it’s true that Kansas City BBQ tends to be rich in sweet sauces and hickory smoked meat you will also find that style varies greatly here.  Though you probably won’t find coleslaw on your pork sandwich.  That’s an atrocity you will have to commit yourself.

James SpaderBesides, what other area has Presidents that come to get their hands dirty.  Or Hollywood actors.  Or Regular Joes who spend a $1,000 just to fly in and eat at Arthur Bryant’s before returning the very next day.  No other reason.  Just the BBQ.

And why not?  You only live once!

Tell me about the sauces Kansas City is so famous for?

The sauces really do run the gamut.  Many people around the country are familiar with the very sweet KC Masterpiece sauce.  It was actually perfected before the dude opened a BBQ.  Kinda backwards.  But it worked out well for him.

There is the Zarda’s style sauce which isn’t nearly as thick or sweet.  It’s an excellent middle of the road sauce. I consider B.B.’s Lawnside a good middle of the sauce, as well.  (And the best place to have BBQ and hear the blues.)  Jack Stack has quickly become a Kansas City favorite with their tangy sauce amongst other items.  (Think beans.)   Gates sauce is tangy to the point of spicy.  While Arthur Bryant’s sauce is different altogether.