Real Estate Investing Goals

What are your real estate investing goals? It’s one of the first questions I ask would-be or experienced real estate investors. Some of what I hear is;

  • Flip a house to create cash
  • Create monthly cash flow
  • Replace my income
  • Secure my retirement

To be sure, there are other goals out there, but for income property owners, these are the four I hear most commonly.

The best way to determine which of these is best for you is to sit down with someone to talk over what you are looking to accomplish in the end. Are you looking for a certain amount of built up cash? Or equity? Are you looking for monthly cash flow? If so, how much?

And as far as “Secure my retirement”, well, there are so many factors here. What other investment vehicles are you currently utilizing? What percentage of your retirement are you looking for real estate to contribute to?

For those income property owners that we work with at Ad Astra Realty I’m always happy to set aside 20-30 minutes of my time on a regular basis to coach them through their goals and execution. If you are not yet a rental owner or buyer with us, feel free to reach out so that we can have an initial conversation to see what may be right for you. After all, I am a certified coach as well as a real estate investing broker here in the greater Kansas City area, licensed in both Kansas and Missouri.

Our team is here to help you create your “Retirement worth having.” So give us a call. We’d love to talk about your real estate investing goals.

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