Kansas City BBQ – May Be the Best Part of Investing in Real Estate Here

Okay.  I love BBQ.  It’s one of the main reasons I ride my bike so much.  Well, BBQ and Mexican food.  Heck, Kansas City BBQ may be the best part of investing in real estate here.  Sure, the returns are great and our property management is awesome. And when you visit I’ll buy you a sandwich at a barbecue you’d like to try.

Kansas City barbecue

Smoke grilled pork ribs BBQ

Here are a few of my favorite haunts…

LC’s BBQ – Down in the close-in suburbs of the city, this place is my all time favorite.

Q39 – Kind of a modern, “yuppie” bbq with great recipes.

Kansas City Joe’s – World famous and quite fashionable. Great sausage.

Zarda’s BBQ – I grew up working here.  My favorite burnt ends, anywhere.

BB’s Lawnside BBQ – Good BBQ.  And, hands down, the best Saturday night.

Of course, I’ve left off quite a few that I like to visit.  Here in KC you can get in to a fist fight about the best BBQ.  The only thing we all agree on is it is definitely better than Memphis, Carolina and certainly Texas BBQ.  🙂





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