Kansas City Property Management Evolves

I have been watching Kansas City property management evolve here in these last two years.  In fact, I think high quality, business-oriented property management companies are one of the great things that came about as a result of our Great Recession here in the United States.

Here-to-fore property management had always been mom & pop and not on a grand scale.  Some mangers cared more than others in the past, and the same can be said of today.  But, property management is growing up.  More KC property managers are a part of NARPM, or the National Association of Property Managers as are we here at Ad Astra Property Management.

But it is more than that.  A new generation of managers has realized that customer service matters.  That image matters.  That the better condition the property offered is in the more likely you will draw a tenant that appreciates that property and is willing to take care of it.

Tenants used to be easily and quickly dismissed as “tenants”. Which is to say, that they were some how second class citizens that didn’t appreciate safe, clean housing.  Many owners used to “milk” their rental properties for every dollar they could get at the expense of ongoing repairs.

With housing values as high as they are today and retirements at stake, most of our investment property owners are on board with taking care of the maintenance on their rental homes and making sure we are not deferring too much maintenance. After all, it is literally “pay me now or pay me later” when it comes to maintenance.

In short, I’m proud of our vision here at Ad Astra Property Management.  And I’m proud of much of our competition.  The game is getting more competitive and that is a good thing for both the tenants and the owners.

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