Property Management Insights

Here are some property management insights from a guy who has about 1,700 lease years of experience.

  • Real estate is a great investment vehicle.
  • Your property manager matters.
  • Some tenants, no matter what, will not be happy.
  • Some owners, no matter what, will not be happy.
  • Property managers are paid to fix/solve problems.
  • If it was easy, everyone could do it.
  • If you have another profession, hire a property manager.
  • Don’t try to lease in winter. It will cost you money. Re-arrange the length of  your lease so it doesn’t happen twice.
  • Don’t allow sexual predators. They lower all your rents in the surrounding area.
  • Screen, screen, screen.
  • Even screened tenants can go bad.
  • Most people are doing the best they can.
  • Tenants want a clean, safe home…just like you.
  • There is a direct correlation between rent prices and tenant issues.

I could go on and on and on.  But those are off the top of my head right now.  Care to add any of your own?


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2 responses to “Property Management Insights

  1. todd

    Thank you for your comments sir. Just a quick note to renters when dealing with property managers please be polite and detailed when reporting problems. This is our job and we do take it seriously

  2. Great comment, Todd. The quicker a tenant can let you know the problem and to what extent it is a problem the quicker a resolution can be reached as far as repair (usually), replacement or some other solution.

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