Pay Your Property Manager

Over and over again here at Ad Astra Realty – KC Property Manager we take over properties for owners who have been using property managers that they believe haven’t been doing the job.  Well you know what?  You need to pay your property manager.

One of the firms we take properties over from is a low cost property management firm here in Kansas City.  I know the owner.  I like the owner.  But he charges too little.  Way too little.  He cannot staff properly and therefore he cannot do the things a property manager need to do in order to;

  • Look after your property
  • Make deferred maintenance recommendations
  • Pay the owners on time, every time
  • Negotiate favorable vendor prices
  • Return most rental inquiries (no one hits 100%)

The job of property management takes a lot of man hours.  Man hours (or woman hours) have to be compensated.  If price is your only consideration when choosing a property management firm you get what you deserve. I’m not saying that the most expensive firm is the best.  But I am saying that there is a floor at which a property manager can actually look after your property properly.

Should you wish to discuss your income property management with us, just give us a call today.  Ask for Jimmy.

Ad Astra Realty
KC Property Manager

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