Integrity Matters in Property Management

I just had another agent from another company give me the biggest compliment I’ve ever received in real estate. He told his client that the reason he’d want to do business with me and my company, Ad Astra Realty, is that we have integrity.  Not that we’re perfect or the cheapest or the best or whatever. But that we have integrity.

I think integrity matters in property management.  In real estate. In everything you do.

Do your words match your work?

Ethics and integrity get thrown around and out the door pretty quickly now days and in business.  It seems everyone has a set of core values, until their pocket book may be in jeopardy.

I’d like to say that business owners with integrity are out there.  Larry Kueser, the Operating Principal over at Keller Williams Realty, Diamond Partners, Inc. is one.  And I could continue and name others.  But I could also go down a much longer list of individuals and businesses that seem to forget integrity when the chips are down.

Sometimes having integrity means just saying “I’m sorry.” Sometimes it means being patient.  Sometimes it means spending the money to make something right.

Now, having integrity doesn’t mean you have to be wronged. It doesn’t mean you are always wrong.  But in your soul, you know the right thing to do. Do you have the guts to do it?

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