What Is Your Criteria For Investment Property

Good criteria is the most important aspect of real estate investing. At least that is what the last thirteen years of working with real estate investors helping to buy, sell and manage income property has taught me.  What is your criteria when it comes to investment property?

I have written about how important good criteria is for your rental properties before.   Here are just a few of the posts for you to go back and read.  Heck, the dates are from years ago but the philosophy has not changed at all.

What is Your Criteria For A Good Investment Property?
Real Estate Investment Property Criteria
Set Criteria For Your Real Estate Investments

Identifying the returns you would like to make in real estate investing is very, very important.  But so is knowing what property you are looking for to make that happen.  And what if your criteria and your return goals don’t match up? Well, then you can move on to another investment vehicle that will better suit you than real estate or you can counsel to find out what is actually realistic when considering income property as a vehicle to get you to that retirement worth having.


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3 responses to “What Is Your Criteria For Investment Property

  1. These are very good criteria to follow, thank you!

  2. Lots of criteria were there for investment in property after knowing the price of property we got to know that which property is best for us…

  3. Thanks for this post. It is helpful for all of real estate investors like us. All blogs are really interesting and informative.

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