Property Management in Kansas City

I have to tell you that property management in Kansas City is going to get better and better because of Ad Astra Realty, Inc and our inclusion to a professional group called NARPM.  That is National Association of Residential Property Managers.

My real estate license was granted to me in May of 2002. And I have been a member of NAR (National Association of Realtors) ever since.  But I don’t really get much sense of value from it.  Just sayin’.  So that is pretty much what I expected when I joined NARPM.  I was hoping for a little education about property management.  What I got was a group of professionals who, while competing with each other for every dollar, are also striving to make property management better through education and cooperation.

It is my belief as owner/broker of Ad Astra Realty, Inc, that our owners and tenants deserve the finest property management services that could possibly be available in Kansas City.  I know we are the best when it comes to working with investment property buyers and sellers looking for rental properties. And now I am more assured than ever that we are on track to be, hands down, the best property management firm in Kansas City.  We probably already are.  But with continued education, I know we are.

This may all sound a little self-promoting or overly excited.  But property management is the crimp in the hour glass when it comes to your rental properties and I’m determined to open that crimp.

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