Webinar About Real Estate Investing and Property Management in Kansas City.

real estate investing webinar

I am very excited to announce our very first Web Conference.  I’m sure we’ll develop a catchy name.  But for now, I’m just calling them Tuesday Talks.  For our very first meeting, I’m going to keep it basic.  It will be a kind of give and take to ask others what they will want to learn on these talks.  What is interesting to you?  Please share in the comments section below or drop me a private email.

Real estate investing will most likely be the chief topic.  But we’ll also have to discuss property management and how that has an affect on your returns.  We can also discuss financing, leverage, etc.  We’ll have more pronounced topics as time moves on.  But for our inaugural meeting, we’ll be general.

This first meeting may also give me a clue as to demand for this kind of thing.  How many times a month, etc.

So, won’t you join us to talk about real estate investing in Kansas City…and beyond.  The principles are the same.  It’s the geography that changes.
New Meeting
Tue, Feb 24, 1:30 PM Central Standard Time

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