Kansas City Real Estate Investing and Property Management

There are some great people that can help you with your Kansas City real estate investing and property management.  I’d like to think that we here at Ad Astra Realty, Inc are in the best position to help you with your acquisition of income property and then to tackle the ongoing property management.   We have two websites that show you what we do.  For sales, both buying and selling, you can find out more about Chris at Ad Astra Realty, Inc.

For Kansas City property management you can find out what we do over at KCPropertyManager.com. They are two very separate parts of your investment / retirement planning.  But they are are very much related to one another.

CRITERIA is so important to your planning.

If you know you are going to have to manage a property you sell, you pay more attention to the buyer’ criteria.  If you know you are going to have to one day sell a property you are managing, you tend to keep an eye towards the future during the management phase.  It just makes sense.

Give us a call today so that we can see how we may be able to best help you.

For sales, call us at 913-815-3474

For property management call us at 913-839-2953.

Ad Astra Realty, Inc.
Serving Kansas City’s real estate investor and property management needs.

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