Property Management Education

narpmI am so excited that next week I’m going to be in Las Vegas while the troops here in the office keep up the good work.  I am going to the NARPM Broker/Owner’s retreat for a little (hopefully a lot) of property management education.

Real estate investing leads to property management like sex leads to babies.  I wrote that back in June of 2014. See, new investors seldom seriously (I mean in detail) think about property management.  And neither did I, at first.  Heck, I sold investment property for years trying to shirk my continuing commitment to my clients to make sure those properties were correctly managed in the coming months/years.

I would refer the work out.  But the comments (complaints often times) kept coming back to me.  After all I was the one who sold them the rental house. Couldn’t I help them?

What I am trying to say is that property management in Kansas City was an accidental business for me.  I didn’t grow up wanting to be Kansas City’s property manager.  But now that it is here and in my lap I want to do the very best I can for my clients, my business and our collective futures.

Yes, we still do investment property sales.  Heck, I sold 70+ investment units last year in addition to my “regular” sales.  But our propery management business, KC Property Manager, has continued to grow and grow. And now we, I, need to get better and better at it.

Wish me luck this next week.  It could be for your benefit.

Chris Lengquist
Ad Astra Realty, Inc
Olathe, KS

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