Bicycling in Olathe, Kansas

Ad Astra Realty is going to start growing and sponsoring a bicycling team in Kansas City.  This bicycling “club” will be be evolving.  But the emphasis of this club is going to be fun.

olathe bicycling club

Creative Commons: Ian Sane (follow him on flickr) no changes made

Some initial thoughts.

  • Our office is in Olathe with a large parking lot and Freddy T’s bar just a stone’s throw away.  And The Other Place is just up the trail. Great place to start and finish a ride, wouldn’t you say?
  • The Indian Creek Trail is less than a quarter mile away.
  • We can be on the Mill Creek Streamway in 8-10 minutes and ride up to the Kansas River and back.
  • And the Tomahawk Creek Trailway is only about 8-10 minutes the other way.
  • This isn’t a club for “hammer heads”.  Sure, I like to really go sometimes.  And we may do that.  But that’s not all we’ll do.
  • This is as much a social club as a bicycle riding club.  Come for either or both.  If you just love cycling, c’mon out.

I like to ride the trails and the roads.  Sometimes I’ll throw the nobby tires back on and go ride the single tracks in Lawrence.  I like to BikeMS.  I’m hoping to go on the Bike Across Kansas ride this year.  Biking saved my health.  It helped me drop 38 pounds and get in the best shape I’ve been since I was in my teens.  And, for me, it’s just a lot of fun.

Heck, it allows me to still have beer and bbq without having to count every calorie to stay in good health. So, “I’m in.”

Let me know if you’d like to be updated about the rides.  Just leave me a comment and I’ll start announcing the rides.


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3 responses to “Bicycling in Olathe, Kansas

  1. Robert M

    please keep me posted, Robert or cell: 480-255-9007

  2. Robert, I just set our first bike ride. It’s a beginning ride.

    Indian Creek Trail Ride – 10 miles (or so)

    Sunday, Mar 1, 2015, 1:00 PM

    Parking Lot of Ad Astra Realty (behind Freddy T’s)
    2011 E Crossroads Lane #305 Olathe, KS

    1 BOB Bikers Attending

    Our inaugural ride will be a fairly easy ride. Well, if you are in shape it will be easy. If you are joining us to get in shape, you’ll find this just the distance to get you started. The trail is fairly level and is black topped. We’ll have a few blocks of road riding to get there. Side streets, so nothing too exciting. Helmets are advised though …

    Check out this Meetup →

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