Maintenance and Your Investment Property

Maintenance can make or break your investment property. And yet it is one of the things as a professional property manager that I seem to fight with owners the most about  Well, maybe fight isn’t the right word.  But sometimes it can be like pulling teeth.

Look, if you are going to get top dollar for rent and top dollar when the time comes to sell your rental house isn’t it going to have to be in good to great condition?  Or are you one of those sellers that thinks tenants should pay the highest rent for a house where maintenance isn’t kept up?  Or that buyers won’t notice the overgrown shrubs rubbing against the house causing all that wood rot? Come on.

Whether you manage your own rental property or use a property manager keeping up with maintenance is a must.  And if you keep up with it then it’s not so expensive when you do it all at once…and have to do more than you would have if you had just kept it up.

From our point of view as property managers, we spend more time on maintenance issues than any other category of our job.  Heck, even leasing doesn’t take up as much time.  Coordinating schedules and payments takes quite a bit of man power.  Maybe that’s why so many others shy away and defer rather than just the money.  But I implore you to keep up on the maintenance of your investment property.  You will thank me later.


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2 responses to “Maintenance and Your Investment Property

  1. yes i am agree with you this blog is informative i enjoyed this.

  2. hello friend,
    Thanks for the share this blog. And very nice blog for the investment property.

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