Get Rich…Slowly

Real estate investing isn’t new.  It isn’t exciting.  It isn’t quick.  Real estate investing is “Get rich slowly.”

I’m sorry if that doesn’t excite you.  I’m sorry if it’s against everything every seminar guru wants you to believe.

There is a difference between real estate investing and real estate speculating or a real estate job.

Here in Kansas City, real estate investing means buying quality properties, taking care of them as well as the tenants and then letting time march on. As time marches on you can usually depend on appreciation at or above (slightly) inflation, the fact that your tenants are paying down your mortgage for you and that REI is creating tax benefits for you that you may forget to calculate in to the equation when you get started.

Dave Ramsey said on the radio the other day that the stock market generates a 12% return per year if you look at the average from the beginning of time. Real estate will do that, too.  And better when you calculate everything and buy in good neighborhoods…and has the added benefit of providing quality housing for people who need such.

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