Trees and Your Income Property

The more experience I have as a property manager the more aware I am about trees and your income property.  Look, trees are expensive.  Some types of trees are adept at getting in to your sewer pipes.  (Think willow trees.)  Some trees are extremely fragil.  (Think Bradford pears.)  And any tree is subject to  carpenter ants, lightning. etc.

Taking a tree down can cost upwards of $4,000.  That can wipe out an entire year’s cash flow.  We have a cottonwood tree in Independence, MO right now that was struck by lightning this spring.  It’s now crippled and dying and becoming a hazard to the house we manage and the house next door.  $3,400 is the estimate to take it down.  Ouch.

And it’s not like just anyone can do tree work.  A 30′-40′ tree needs to be worked on by a professional.  A professional who is bonded, licensed and insured. And check those references.  You simply don’t want the liability of damage should things go badly bringing down a big tree.

I’m not saying you should buy only barren prairie houses.  I am saying you should be aware of the trees.  What kind of trees?  How large?  How old?  How close to the house? (Too close to the house and they can contribute to foundation problems.) Just pay attention.  That’s what I’m saying.


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