Turn-Key Real Estate Investments in Kansas City

Because I work with a lot of professionals in other fields, I find the desire for turn-key real estate investments in Kansas City to be pretty high.  Creating an income property portfolio with as little day to day involvement is what I do for people. After all, not only do I help real estate investors find a home that is a good fit for the their current and future goals, I have a team of property manager that take care of the home for the owners.

Now, full disclosure.  Owning income property is not a license to print money!  You should expect good returns on your REI.  But let’s be honest.  Anyone that is promising 15%, 20% or even higher ROI is probably either bad at math, dishonest, ignorant or putting you in to homes you will not be proud to find out you own and in fact will put you in the “slum lord” category.  I am NOT saying that there isn’t a segment of owning low price/higher yield rental properties that doesn’t make sense.  I have an active client that has just such a strategy.

But the investor that I speak of is single, young and spends most of his free hours from work managing his own properties.  With lower priced rentals that’s about the only way to make them work.  They take a lot of day to day involvement.  And the stories I could tell of his travels!!!  (I should do a whole blog series of stories he tells.)

If you are a higher earning working professional looking for an investment vehicle that hedges against inflation, generates modest cash flow and has the full 4 Benefits of Real Estate Investing working for you then I would consider Kansas City as a destination for at least part of your investment portfolio.  Kansas City is in the middle of the country both geographically and economically.  We can discuss that another time.

And I’m here in Kansas City.  I can help you plan your future.  I can help you choose the right houses.  And I can help manage those houses to maximize both current cash flow and future equity.

Give me a call today.  913-568-1579

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