It’s About People

This post isn’t going to concentrate on rental property management or buying the right investment property.  It’s going to focus on people.  Because isn’t that why we all work so hard for the money we make?  To take care of the people I love, that’s why I do work as hard as I do.

flood vicitims lyons co

This past week it was my honor to go with Samaritan’s Purse to Lyons, CO to help with the flood relief.  You can see the pictures on my facebook page.  The devastation was quite humbling but the spirit of the people there was quite powerful.  In addition to Samaritan’s Purse ( a Billy Graham Ministries inspiration) there were also secular volunteer groups there to help and help they did.

None of us know what tomorrow will bring.  We’re all working hard to provide and build our asset base.  But sometimes it is good to remember that it’s temporary and can be taken at any time.  People and relationships simply cannot be brushed aside to allow for more money and assets.  People and relationships can hold you together through a storm and strengthen your spirit after a storm.  Keep working hard towards your “Retirement worth having” but don’t forget who you hope will be there with you.  Because it won’t be any fun to be retired by yourself.

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