A Retirement Worth Having

Real estate investors, especially new ones, are constantly putting the proverbial cart before the horse.  Why are you picking investment strategies before you even know what the goal is?

A Retirement Worth Having is not about whether you are flipping or holding or selling notes.  It’s about a purposeful plan, as my friend on the west coast would say.  Seriously, I like to spend and hour to 90 minutes talking with my prospective clients finding out what their goals are, economically and lifestyle speaking, before I’ll even go out the door to show them a single possible rental property.  What’s the point, otherwise?  How can I match you with an income property that will help you to accomplish your Retirement Worth Having if I don’t even know what the cash flow or equity position will need to be?

Stop looking at possible rental houses until you know what you are trying to accomplish.  I’ve said this many times and I’m going to keep saying it.  Think about it.  It just makes sense.

Kansas City Investment Property
Chris Lengquist
Keller Williams Realty
Diamond Partners, Inc
Olathe, KS

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