Let’s Figure Out The Goal Before We Look At Houses

I know it’s exciting to think about being an income property owner.  By the time you are ready to pull the trigger you have been reading, searching the web, probably talked to a real estate agent or two and maybe even attended some type of investment property guru seminar.  But, let’s figure out the goal before we go look at houses.

As much as possible I like to meet people at my office before we go out and look at houses.  For twelve years I have worked with rental property buyers and I have a lot of experience in what to look for, what to avoid and how to figure what that property’s actual returns will look like. If we immediately just meet at a house or jump in the car how can I really help you unless I know what the end game is all about?

It is wise to be in a bit of a hurry.  The economy is changing and income property does not appear to be getting less expensive.  But please, I’m getting paid to help you figure this out before you buy and not after you already own something you wish you would have passed on.  I’m here to help.  Let me help.

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