Changing Real Estate

Over the last four months of my real estate business I have been changing my real estate goals and direction.  This is because I do not believe in trying to make square pegs fit in to round holes, like so many real estate investors.

Today I received more fuel for my fire when my LinkenIn account sent me a new story update about plunging foreclosure rates.  I’ve been writing for a few months now about how the current real estate market has been changing right before our eyes.  The sudden change from December 2012 to July 2013 is a remarkably quick change.  From December to April it was actually mind-blowing.

But with the new realities in pricing and demand adjustments must be made as far as expectations with quality and price of the house you will be buying for both personal and investment uses.  Investment property expectations have changed drastically.

Yes, there is still plenty of room for the savvy, professional real estate investor.  But it’s not 2010 anymore when I couldn’t get some of you to answer the phone.  🙂

Search for homes now.

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