The Power of Neighbors

When it comes to effective property management in Kansas City (or anywhere, really) don’t underestimate the power of neighbors to help you run your business.  Just this morning I had a neighbor of one of the rental houses we manage give us a call to confirm that we knew that the tenants had moved out over the weekend.  We did, in fact, know.

But that’s great that she picked up the phone to check with me.  I love to look for neighbors that care about their street.  I don’t hide from them.  I knock on their door and introduce myself and give them one of my cards.  I like to explain that their interest and my interests are the same…a nice quite tenant that takes care of their property.

Plus, every once in a while there will be something we don’t know about and the neighbor will clue us in. Tenant using the driveway as a dump?  The neighbor will call.  Tenant not mowing lawn? They’ll call.  Tenant away on vacation and house looks broken in to?  They will call.

Don’t hide from the neighbors.  Introduce yourself to them and help them to help you.

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