How does a drought lead to so many water problems?

Last year in the Kansas City area we had the drought of a lifetime.  We’re still not quite out of it but things have been improving.  And I’m not looking forward to two straight days of rain forecasted for tomorrow and Thursday.  Sure we need the water.  But…

Cracked basements and settled dirt have been the two big results of the drought.  Now so much water is running towards the house and not away.  (Or it’s just sitting there next to the foundation which really isn’t any better.)  The the ground is so anxious to soak up the water and as the newly moist soil 6 to 8 to 20 inches deep swells it presses against the cracks and well, you know how water always finds the simplest path?

Basements that heretofore have never had a crack now have cracks.  Basements that have never leaked now leak.  Not all, mind you.  But too many.  We just went through a tough time with this month’s earlier rains.  By the end of this month I expect another couple of problems but by then we’ll about have them all identified and a plan to subvert.

Still, it’s a lot of work just because mother nature decided to take a year off.

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