Yes. It’s a Seller’s Market. But…

Yes. It’s a seller’s market in the Kansas City area right now.  But….

It’s funny right now.  Priced in the number two spot in your neighborhood and nearly turn-key for bell curve houses in the Overland Park and Olathe area you will most likely sell your house in 30 days or less.  But push the price and you will likely be staring at a 4-6 month sales process.

I keep talking about this because it is what I’m seeing for “regular” housing in Johnson County, KS.

Now investment property over in Jackson County, MO is popping off the MLS at record pacing.  Houses in “good” neighborhoods that can be purchased for $40,000 or less are red hot.  And if you are buying at 40 today you could have had at 30 18 months ago and at 35 6-8 months ago.  But alas, real estate markets expand and contract based on demand.  And right now investment property demand is high.

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