It’s Been Busy…And I’ve Been Pre-Occupied

I was thinking today that I really haven’t been as diligent in my posting as I should be.  So many of you read this and email/call me because of this site and yet I’ve sluffed it off the last few months.  Why?

Frankly, it’s crazy busy.  Real estate investors are piling back in to the pool.  Good thing?  Depends on your view.  The market is getting stronger but that means returns on investment are lower.  When figuring cash on cash assume about 1%-3% lower than just 6-8 months ago.  That’s significant. And then there are “Joe and Mary” home buyer and seller.  They are trading up.  Buying for the first time.  And all that causes a chain reaction.  Make no mistake, the “regular” home buyers and sellers are far more active and getting results in Johnson County, KS real estate transactions than in Jackson County, MO.  But it is happening all over the Kansas City metro area.

My mom passed away from cancer back on February 26, 2013. A note from the doctor I found in early December told me what I needed to find on Google to get the truth.  So basically I turned over both my photography and real estate businesses over to our excellent and well trained employees.  (Not only did  they maintain, but business actually grew in both!   Am I the problem?)  🙂  I worked as I could but my priority was my mom. I wouldn’t trade those last three months for anything.

I promise to be more diligent with your real estate news for Kansas City.   I look forward to writing again!


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2 responses to “It’s Been Busy…And I’ve Been Pre-Occupied

  1. Another Investor

    So sorry about your mom. It’s critically important to have accurate information to allocate your time in this situation. And yes, it’s very difficult to get a realistic prognosis from a doctor. I went through that with my mother. One of the oncology residents at Stanford finally told us the truth, which I already knew from doing the research on small cell lung cancer on the internet. The name doctors were always vague to the point of being misleading.

  2. AI – yes, it’s quite frustrating. The home care nurse we hired was very helpful…off the record. Plus, it’s amazing what you can learn on Google.

    Thank you for kind words.

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