Want to keep your Tenants? Fix your house.

We have pretty high expectations of the tenants we rent to here at KCPropertyManager.com.  But by the same token we are pretty demanding of the owners, as well.  Want to keep your tenants?  Then fix your house.

Property management is a symbiotic relationship between the three principals; The Owner, The Tenant and The Manager.  All have to be doing their part.  But if a one breaks down the whole relationship can go sour in a hurry.  Everyone likes to bust on the tenants for non-payment, late payment or breaking this or that.  I hear all the time of property mangers that don’t fulfill their end of the duties regarding collection of rent, maintenance and communication during evictions.  But let’s be fair, not all owners deserve great tenants or property managers. 🙂

Not fixing dishwashers is not acceptable.  Having a tenant sit in a cold house for three days while you decide which heating and air conditioning company might save you $75 is not acceptable.  If there is a water leak, fix it.  If there is a roof leak.  Fix it!

Listen, these are the owner’s obligations.  And you won’t be able to sell the house until these things are repaired anyway.  Don’t buy a rental property until you have a reserve set aside for repairs (not to mention if you have a couple months of vacancy) because repairs will be necessary.


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