Kansas City Property Management

Looking for new Kansas City Property Management?

KCPropertyManager.com has

  • 10+ years of investment housing experience
  • Proven property management track record
  • State of the art website for you to follow your houses…and your money
  • We respect your relationship with your real estate agent
  • You are NOT obligated to buy or sell real estate through our services
  • Most properties just $65.00 per unit
  • No up-charge on most maintenance repairs
  • Missouri state law requires property managers to be licensed…and we are


If you have investment property with minimum rents of $750/mo and you are looking for professional property management we’d love to talk to you about our services.


Chris Lengquist – (Google me and learn about my investment property experience.)
M 913.568.1579
O 913.322.7505


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3 responses to “Kansas City Property Management

  1. Mark

    That seems a great deal. I think $65 per unit is a competitive price. I think I’ll share this to my friends who are looking for a property manager in Kansas. Do you have an email address?

    Residential Property Software

  2. kc property manager AT yahoo DOT com

    All one word, of course.

  3. AREI – I deleted your comments because while valid conversation is always welcome shameless marketing of your own business on my website is troll like at best, and I won’t even comment on how lazy I think it really is. Build your own audience. 🙂

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