Benefits of Real Estate Investing

I’ve written countless times about the 4 Benefits of Real Estate Investing.  And while 4 sounds easy and cool, there are many more.  Some of the more benign benefits of REI are;

  • Helping to improve/stabilize a neighborhood’s value and livability.
  • Providing affordable housing to worthy tenants.
  • Sweat-equity.
  • Teaching your kids how to work with varying people for a long term financial goal.

Let me explain a little about why I’m writing this.  I have a real estate investor client from Vancouver, BC who bought a relatively inexpensive rental property here in the Kansas City area.  The neighborhood isn’t that good, but not that bad either.  Anyway, we bought the dump and then replaced all the outside siding, fixed the rotted fascia boards and gave it a fresh coat of paint.  In addition we cleaned up the yard and rehabbed the inside.

So I’m over there the other day getting ready to rent the property and a lady comes out from across the street and insists on giving me a hug.

“Thank you for making our neighborhood look better!”

That makes you feel kinda good, you know?  And we already have a few applications on the property to go through.

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  1. It was indeed all true. If you are looking for something you would want to excel in and you would like to have an opportunity in sales then maybe real estate would be best for you.

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