Commercial Real Estate Listings

You know, I’m continually amazed at how backwards our commercial real estate agent brethren are.  Oh, don’t get me wrong.  In some ways they are more advanced.  Generally, they are far more professional and actually educated about real estate.  At least their part of real estate.  But in others, it’s just so stupid.

Take a central place to shop for properties, for example.  Residential real estate agents all over the country have access to a local MLS that tells them, almost literally, everything!  Commercial?  It’s like the listings are a mystery to be discovered.  A real challenge to spend your $2,000,000.

Oh, sure, there is LoopNet and CoStar and Xceligent.  And then there are the countless hundreds of poorly SEO’d commercial real estate websites to search through.  But not a single clearinghouse for any given metropolitan area.  Isn’t there somebody, anybody, with the juice to get this done?


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2 responses to “Commercial Real Estate Listings

  1. It is always good to have commercial listing. This is a very helpful tool.

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