Property Management in Kansas City

We have ramped up property management here in Kansas City and the business is growing so quickly.  There is such a need for licensed and honest property management that we really haven’t advertised at all and the properties just keep coming.  But we are turning down about 3 to every 1 we take.  Why?

Because I just don’t want to hide in bushes and jump out to scare a tenant into paying rent.  My team and I are not looking to approve every deadbeat that applies.  (Warning flag #1 – “I have to move in by this Saturday!”)

If a property manager doesn’t want to manage your property, should you be looking to buy it?  🙂

Just a thought.


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2 responses to “Property Management in Kansas City

  1. Now a days there are many property managers which helps in finding the suitable deal or property and this is becoming the great task for finding the good property manager.

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