Cash Investors Out In Force But Inventories Are Down

It’s a confusing real estate market right now for the uninitiated.  The problem is that cash investors are out in force but the available inventory is down. We keep reading that there will be another wave of inventory coming but the banks seem to be holding out on us.  The properties that do come on the market that work for the cash real estate investor are being snapped up pretty quickly.

We keep finding ourselves in multiple bid situations on many occasions and a step too late on others.  The properties that get passed over sit for so long because the banks are living in a fantasy world as to value that no one wants them.  It’s just sort crazy!

Are the banks waiting till spring?  I heard the banks were waiting to see if there would be any new bail outs.  But that would be political suicide, wouldn’t it?


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3 responses to “Cash Investors Out In Force But Inventories Are Down

  1. Most of the countries, real estate investors having this problem.. Not everyday is CHristmas, so we need to face this and just find an alternative solution. Looking forward to your next post.!

  2. I am anxiously awaiting for the return of better days. When foreclure is not the search term of choice. The banks should wise up. Good post.

  3. We’re seeing the same here in Hawaii. It’s the least amount of new construction since WWII, so the theory of homebuilders holding back on supply is working as the inventory is getting sucked up. We may see an influx of REOs in the future however. Sounds like we have some similar factors in our markets.

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