Evicitons: Not Fun For Anyone

Today we have an eviction at noon.  And that is not fun.  The tenant has not paid rent since September 17  nor has she made any attempt to contact me to make arrangements.  My calls and emails go unanswered.  It’s currently 31 degrees outside and she has two children 10 and under.  Yet, at noon, we have to put her out.  What choice do we have?

I realize people think a landlord may enjoy this.  But the owner of this building has kids and mortgages and financial responsibilities, as well.  He’s not looking to support an additional family of 3.

And why won’t they leave before we come over?  When we put her stuff out on the street it will be picked over by passer-byes making the situation worse for her.  Denial?  Probably. I’ve seen it before.

We talk a lot about the benefits of owning investment property.  This is one of the downsides.  It takes a human toll.


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2 responses to “Evicitons: Not Fun For Anyone

  1. Jared

    How did this go?

  2. Dawn

    I once had to evict a single mom with 4 kids, 2 disabled on the day before Christmas. There are a couple ways Ive made getting a non-paying or problem tenant out without the emotional agony of an eviction. First: I do not let them get more than 30 late. You have to be more important than their phone bill, etc, which they KNOW will be turned off if not paid. And they will not be able to catch up. So my lease states I will file for eviction if rent isnt paid by the 10th. Then, I will tell them that it will cost me $200 to pay the attny to evict. If I gave them the $200 instead could they be out by next weekend. WHY would I give them money when they OWE me? 1: They are out in 1 week not 5 (thats 4 weeks earlier I can get it rented) and 2: I meet them to get the keys and thats when I give them the cash and they usually CLEAN the apartment (instead of trash it) so thats less expense cleaning/repairing it. So that puts me way ahead financially and less stress emotionally.

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