Tenants and their (awesome!) stuff

I never cease to be amazed at the awesome stuff our tenants (and tenant prospects) have.  Huge furniture is popular.  And new, too.  Fantastic hi-def televisions come in second along with pricey game systems.  And don’t forget the walls of video dvd’s and games.  Yet, so many have credit scores in the low 600’s and mid to high 500’s.

Some of them have much nicer stuff than me.  But sadly (?) my credit score is in the 700’s.  If I didn’t have to worry about paying all my bills, maybe I could get some cooler stuff for my kids.  🙂

DISCLAIMER:  Obviously this doesn’t include everyone.  But you’d be amazed.


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3 responses to “Tenants and their (awesome!) stuff

  1. Another Investor

    I make a lot of donations to the local animal charity in Arizona, Sun City 4 Paws, whenever one of my tenants moves out. The last tenant liked gourmet cooking, and left 8 or 9 boxes of cooking stuff plus her teen-aged daughter’s wardrobe. Apparently, she was trying to have a garage sale the last weekend of her tenancy and left everything in the garage. I also threw out several hundred dollars of food, including the meat and gourmet ice cream she left in the freezer. Of course, the house was a disaster, and I had to replace some almost new carpet and have the place cleaned from top to bottom. No deposit refund for her to replace what she left behind….

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  3. Nan Li King

    I know what you mean about the oversized furniture and the giant tvs; all my tenants have them too and my tenants are all Section 8. They rent everything from Rent-A-Centers and every other month or so, the stuff gets picked up and then they’re scrambling for money to get it back – usually that means no rent payment because watching Jerry and Montel in hi-def on a giant screen is more important than shelter.

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