What are YOU looking for in an investment property?

Investment property goals can vary from person to person and situation to situation.  And they should.  Just the other evening I sat down with a couple who both work and I can guess they both make very good incomes.  Kids are out of college.  They are within 20 years of social security checks and enjoying the rest of their lives.

I’m a bit younger, a professional real estate agent and am still raising 3 of our 4 kids…the other off to college.

And a younger, favorite investor of mine is just barely 30,  no kids, great job income and has a goal of replacing his job income with real estate.

That’s three very different situations and there is no one real estate investing formula that would cover all three.

What are YOU looking for in an investment property?
That’s the $10 question.

  • Cash flow?
  • Equity growth?
  • Delayed financial security?

So many more questions can be asked here.  You probably need to talk to a professional who knows what questions to ask.


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4 responses to “What are YOU looking for in an investment property?

  1. Felipe Ham

    If the cash flow is positive (has to be) then why not let someone else but the property for you. Looking at some 3 bedrooms in OP going for about 110k it seems like a sure investment, but of course there is always more to do that you can think of.

  2. The next step in real estate investing, in my opinion, is real estate investment clubs. Check out the video I made about it: http://youtu.be/yJRFBwxz65k

  3. There are a lot more those to ask and the three you posted are a really good start. As a broker myself, I ask those same questions. If it’s a fixer upper there a lot more questions to ask, especially if the buyers are new to the home buying market and don’t appear to have a mentor or someone to guide them.

  4. These are some very good questions and comments about real estate investing.

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