Just Asking

Our property management services have been keeping us quite busy of late.  Kind of the rush before the cold, if you know what I mean.  So sorry we haven’t been posting much.  But here are some random thoughts….

  • Where are all the cash buyers coming from these last few months?  And will they stay in the market over the holidays?
  • If a tenant has $60 worth of beer in the fridge, $120 worth of liquor on the counter top, $70 worth of cigarette cartons on the dining room table and premium cable ($150/mo anyone?) on the tube, how can they actually say they don’t have any money for rent?
  • Will Mizzou be able to cheat enough to compete in the SEC if they choose to leave?
  • There are four ways you make money when you own investment property.  Can you name them?


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5 responses to “Just Asking

  1. I’ve been busy as well lately, but I appreciate the non-real estate question. The answer is this: If Mizzou ends up in the SEC, it is going to be brutal. no way can they compete with the big boys down south… They need to figure out a way (even thought they have tried recently) to make it into the Big 10, that is where they have the best chance of succeeding.

  2. Randy,
    I don’t give a flip about MU. Always have disliked them and this is just another reason why. 🙂 (Personal note, I actually married a girl from Missouri….got her out of there…so not all Missouri is bad.) 🙂

    But this has huge consequences to KC. And I don’t like it.

  3. Pat

    A school in the Big 12 receives about 12 million from TV shared rights.

    A school in the SEC could get 50-60 million from TV shared rghts.

    Ten years ago, Missouiri could have jumped to the Big 10. I think MU got vetoed by ND as ND liked NU better for football. Look for ND, Maryland, Syracuse and Boston College to jump to the Big 10 in the near future.

    ND wants “Big” TV markets for it’s football games. (NU is an exception as it has long football tradition)

    Look for the Green Wave to try to join the Big 12.

  4. Pat,
    They won’t get 50-60. I listen to sports radio today and that’s not even close. As I understand it, they will get more once the Big12 signs their new deal in about 18 months…but only by a million or two.

    But that’s off topic. If these schools (and I mean everyone) are going to make all their decisions based on money then they are operating like a big business (which they all are anyway) and should lose their tax exempt status.

    All of these schools have separate corporations that operate their athletic departments. They are, by their very nature, business ventures and should be treated as such.

    And administrators should quit saying this is about the kids or “fit” or other b.s. because Missouri has absolutely nothing in common with South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, etc… They would be a much better fit for the Big 10 or stay in the Big 12.

    That’s my thoughts…. 🙂

    If they leave, fine. But I’m beggin’ the President to say it’s based completely on the money and the fact that they are still pissed that several years ago the Big 12 didn’t protect them for the Orange Bowl.

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