HUD Home Buying: A Pre-View of Nationalized Health Care?

I’m trying to help two clients buy a total of four HUD owned homes right now.  Three of the homes are significantly out of contract.  One by over 90 days.  Why?  Because HUD and their contractor, Luna & Luna, simply cannot perform.  I have over 85 documented and un-returned phone calls to Luna & Luna and over an inch of un-returned emails.

Now that’s over the course of these last 60 days.  Seriously, how hard is it for someone at Luna & Luna to be put in charge of just communications?  HUD has to be aware because I’m constantly calling and whining to the three asset managers, HomeTelos, Pemco and Matt Martin Real Estate.  And yet HUD continues to allow this.

I’m trying to help HUD liquidate it’s assets.  Give them money.  Retire their inventory.   And this is how we are treated.  With stone silence.

What would happen if I needed a kidney or some money from them?

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