Real Estate Investment Property Financing

As has been the problem for the past 4 years, financing an investment property is the hardest part…next to finding decent property management.  🙂

I’m always scouring ways for real estate investors to buy more houses.  The bulk of my buyers these last 18 months are either income property owners with less than 4 homes or cash flow seekers paying cash for lower priced housing.  So I’m delighted to read over at that things may be changing a bit…

Weekly Real Estate Investment Mortgage Rate Update


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3 responses to “Real Estate Investment Property Financing

  1. Hey Chris — You might wanna talk with my lender, Chad Emerson, the author of those weekly updates. Pretty sure he can lend in your market. His firm also lends to those with over four properties for purchase.

  2. Everything is hard in the start. Like in investing, It is very hard to invest on it when you are still starting from scratch. But as time pass and success continues, It would get easier.

  3. In every mistakes there’s an always lesson from it. In Every failures, there;s always success, so whatever problems you might encounter you have to be strong and face the reality. Investing property is not quite easy since it needs to have a knowledgeable mind for it. Just step from low and you will see the sequential process of success than to go directly to a higher level without knowing the sub-level of it.Thanks.

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