Growing, Expanding and Working out the Details

As the real estate business continues to morph and change to keep up with the current realities I thought I would bring you up to speed on where I (we) are at.  And I also want to take a moment to apologize to a few of you who I wasn’t able to get back with these past 60 days because of all that has been going on.

I have been training Melissa Nickerson to come on board to help me stay compliant with all the various real estate requirements that demanded of licensed agents here in Missouri and Kansas.  She is working on getting licensed very soon and will be able to help out with any would-be real estate investors because I am and will continue to share with her my knowledge of real estate investing here in Kansas City.  Two of me has got to be better than one.  🙂

Melissa is also helping me to launch our property management business.  Yes.  I’m finally committing 100% to managing investment property for real estate investors looking for professional management.  The website isn’t all it could be, yet.  But heck.  We’ve been busy working.  I’ll share more about that in the near future.  I have a couple of young and excited agents ready to help me there.

As most of my readers know I specialize in working with real estate investors looking for professional help.  Now we will also be able to offer property management services to our listing, buying and counseling services.

And I would also like to remind people that we help people buy and sell “regular” real estate, too.  In fact, a real estate investor client was kind enough to recommend me to his folks and we close next Friday on a home over in Raymore, MO.

Thank you all for reading and supporting what I do for a living.  I hope you will like some of the changes headed this way.


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2 responses to “Growing, Expanding and Working out the Details

  1. Every people grow just like growing to become more legit businessman. It is like a step-by-step process in achieving success. This is a great post! Thank you i learned a lot from this article.

  2. Loan Tips KC

    Good Luck with your expanding business. It’s an exciting time to experience growth and I think the economy is on it’s way up!

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