Fannie Mae is Run by Idiots

Okay.  So now Fannie Mae has decided that they won’t take the contracts I’ve submitted because my buyer signed them with DocuSign.  Never mind that the US Government, who subsidizes Fannie and Freddie to the tune of billions and billions of our damn money, says that electronic signatures are legal.

Who runs that place and what kind of idiots are they?

And while I’m ranting, why did HUD decide to cut commissions on real estate agents?   Were we making too much money selling crap-hole houses at discounted prices where we have to FedEx everything  at $35 a pop because they too, a branch of the US Gov, won’t take electronic signatures?

Trump would have made lousy President.  No doubt.  But maybe he would have fired all these people!

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  1. That’s great I couldn’t agree more!!

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