Open Letter To Kansas City Real Estate Investors

Are you looking to buy or sell investment real estate in the Kansas City metropolitan area?  Then I’d like to talk to you about your choices.  Selling is tough, but can be done.  Buying is ripe.  Never have I seen investment property numbers work as well as they do now.

Multi-family homes are a tough sell now days because of the financing standards for real estate investors.  They are much more stringent than a few years back.  Having said that, multi-family homes still move if priced with today’s reality in mind.  If you are at a point in your real estate career that you are looking to trade up, trade out or just looking to liquidate your holdings, I’d like to give you a full market analysis on what you can expect.

real estate investorNOW REALLY IS THE TIME TO BUY
I’ve seen the commercials, too.  It’s always the time to buy, right?  I can tell you that I believe we are about as flat as we will ever be in the KC market.  Oh, we may lose another one to two percent (market wide) but that risk is far out-weighed by the current opportunities available.   The real rewards are for investors looking to buy, rehab and hold.  Other opportunities exist, as well.

I will be holding an Investment Property Workshop on February 26, 2011 from 9:30 to 11:30 am.  There is no charge for the workshop nor will there be materials for sale.  It’s an opportunity for us to discuss the basics of real estate investing and what to look for in a quality rental property.  To reserve a seat please give us a call or an email.

I have been a licensed, professional real estate agent since May of 2002.  I have specialized in working with real estate investors from pretty much the start.  To date I have assisted hundreds of REI buyers and dozens and dozens of REI sellers with their needs.  I believe in conservative, math based real estate investing.  A little bit of art mixed with a whole lot of science, if you will.

You can read more about me and my real estate beliefs on my Kansas City Real Estate Investing website that you can find at


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4 responses to “Open Letter To Kansas City Real Estate Investors

  1. To those in the greater KC area: If you’ve been lookin’ for the right real estate investment guy, but have been frustrated, this workshop is for you. I know Chris personally, have put my own boots on the ground in his region, and seen him in action. He’s the real deal.

    Attend the workshop. The least that will happen is you’ll learn the nuts ‘n bolts of REAL real estate investing.

  2. Jeff – thank you for the kind words. We’ve already had a few respondents. Space is limited, but still plenty of room. We have a good sized room. 🙂

    And by the way, we try to make it fun, too.

  3. Pat

    If you are selling to an investor, don’t be scared to carry a second mortgage to make the deal happen.

  4. Sometimes a 2nd can be very helpful…so long as the property still carries itself. I know you know that, Pat. 🙂

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