Spam Investor Emails

So I get these emails all week every week.  If you are going to send me this crap can you please spell everything correctly, including my name, and not use “$” signs as a “s” please.  🙂

Hi Cris Im a nebbie wholesale Investor I work with a Team of Investors Nationwide that looking to pay me, a fee, Locating Properties, below value market. My investors pay Ca$h and Close Quick costing your Company not 1 cent. My goal is to find deals, make an offer, If offer gets accepted, put it under contract, along with estimate money desposit of $100*$100.00 using my Team of Investors Assigning my contract over to my Investor Buyer I have my Estabished Title Company who will do all the closing title seaches,check for liens etc who legally cuts me a check Putting your company in a Win Win situation. That would truly skyrocket your commision and give me the opportunity to build a realationship with you and your company. I look forward to meeting you in person. If you dont mind. I need to see a few homes on expired listing that did not sell that you desperately needs to sell. Please call me so I can see how I may help you sell your Properties Fast for Ca$h and Close Quick I can be reached at <phone number removed>.


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2 responses to “Spam Investor Emails

  1. Chris, you have to understand they paid big money to a guru to get a template on what to say. God forbid they think a bit and change it a bit so it does not look exactly like the email that 3700 other investors are sending out.

    I subscribe to one of those sites with the cookie cutter web site and emails like they are sending out.

    But if one would think a bit, one would understand that you need to edit and personalize to your own specifics. And why bother blasting these emails to a Realtor – you want to get paid and putting a house under contract for $100 Earnest Money deposit to assign to their “team of investors” does not put food on the table, as it is about 98.9% assured that this transaction would not close.

    Not saying the emails are bad, but they need to be edited better, targeted better, and used with common sense, not blasted to every single person in the world who might have a house for sale – I especially like the generic emails I receive from my craigslist ads. They must work .5% of the time for some really great deals somewhere.

  2. I’ve never heard realistic enough goals from anyone that has gotten a hold of me by phone to even spend one second looking for what they want. “I’d like a 4 bedroom, 3 bath home in Blue Valley School District – Johnson County, KS – and a 3 car garage would be sweet. I can not go over $150,000….but I expect the rents to be somewhere around $2,000 a month.”

    Then I just lose interest. 🙂

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