Fun Football, Again

Not sure how long it will last.  But last night it was fun being a Kansas City Chief’s fan again.  Did you hear that crowd?

Now, if we could just trad’em Cassell for Rivers, straight up, that would be perfect.  🙂


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5 responses to “Fun Football, Again

  1. Your kick returned made Sproles look pedestrian. Basically, three plays were the difference. One long run. On return. And whatever the other one was.

    Your team and fans were beyond fired up. What a hell hole to play in.

    Norv Turner is simply not a championship coach.

  2. They say Arrowhead is the loudest stadium in the pros. I know it’s the best smelling. People are in the lot firing up grills at 10:00 am for a 9:15 pm kick-off.

    Don’t know if we’ll win another. But last night was fun.

  3. By the way, did you know Sproles had added pressure last night. He went to high school about 2 miles from the hotel you stayed in when you visited. He no doubt had an entire section of fans there just to see him.

  4. Wow, not a happy post game for him then.

  5. Another Investor

    Oh, is it football season again?

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