Disappointing BBQ

My wife and kids went to Marie’s family Family Reunion on Saturday while I worked through the day.  So I took my mom out shopping and to dinner on Saturday evening.  She wanted to eat at the Independence location of Smokehouse Barbeque.

For years I have maintained that Smokehouse Barbeque has some of the best beans in the world. Sadly, on Saturday evening, that wasn’t enough to make up for the horrible ribs we were served.  They were dry.  They were tough.  And they were chewy.

We ate our fries and beans and cole slaw.  And I ate some of the ribs.  But what I did was take the ribs home, wrapped them in foil and cooked them down on Monday afternoon while I was grilling brats.  After another 45 minutes on my grill they were juicy and tender.

Perhaps Smokehouse Barbeque could use one or more of the army of home cooks out there to show them how to cook ribs?  I’m being  a little sarcastic.   But the chain has four locations.  It will soon go back to one if they keep charging $40 for a meal that my mom wasn’t happy with and I had to finish cooking myself.

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