Kansas City Named a Great City for Young Adults

A few days back I read on Yahoo! that Kansas City had been named one of the 10 Great Cities for Young Adults.  I read it, smiled and then moved on.  Others were impressed, as well.  No fewer than a handful of you have emailed me the link to make sure I saw it.  Civic pride, I guess.

Kansas City skyline

I love my home town.  And I’ve been to most of these cities.  I think Austin is the greatest college town in America. The people down there are great and the emphasis on outdoors activities always makes me happy.  Plus, I like a cold beer over on 6th Street or in the Warehouse District.   And it’s always good fun to watch my Jayhawks whip up on their basketball team in their own city.  🙂  The BBQ leaves something to be improved upon.

My dad live in Charlotte.  So we get down there quite a bit.  A clean and growing city. Reminds me of Kansas City in so many ways. Don’t get me started on BBQ that has cole slaw on.  I’m sure that’s something Jesus wouldn’t do.

Chicago.  Enough said.  Love that town.  Maybe even more than New York.   Love the blues.  Love lakefront.

I haven’t spent much time in Houston.  Though I don’t really dig the site of refineries and hate mosquitoes that are as large as most mammals.

I’ve never been to Lansing.  But any place where Tom Izzo is the head coach is alright with me. He’s one of the best college basketball coaches of all time in my book.

New York?  God, how I hate the Yankees and everything they stand for.  But God also knows I just love the entire experience of each and every visit there.  The sensory overload feeling.  I thrive on it.

Never been to Portland.  My friend goes there a lot for business.  Says it’s really pretty but a ton of traffic and the entire city is overrun with hippies.  And yes, that is just the employee base that works for him.  Not just the homeless people that are everywhere…at least according to him.

Salt Lake City is just not on my list of places to hang.  Sorry.  Just never really considered it.

Washington, DC is my home away from home.  Regular readers here know I lived there 15 years.  Well, in the Maryland suburbs, actually.  The town has so much going on all the time.  The power.  The money.  The activities.  The history.  The importance.  The self-importance.  Some real idiots there, to be sure.  Some really great people, too.

I love my birth home of Kansas City.  Glad I live here.  And glad I’ve got to experience these other cities, well most of them anyway, too.

CC licensed image of Kansas City skyline as Night Descends courtesy of calebdzahnd via flickr.


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