HUD Owned Homes Viewings

Yesterday I went out and looked at 13 HUD owned homes that are on “daily bid” status.  I was hoping to turn up one, maybe two possible investment property for Kansas City area real estate investors.  And I did come up with two real good possibles.

Side Note:  It’s amazing how trashed some of these houses can get in just a few short years.  What’s up with that?  🙂

HUD owned homes are purchased a little differently than your regular real estate transaction.  To see more about buying a HUD owned home you can look at a page I wrote on another website title Buying HUD Owned Homes.  Now if you are a primary home buyer you can also take advantage of FHA 203(k) rehab financing.  Sadly, seasoned income property owners know you cannot use the FHA financing for investment properties.

Anyway, one of the homes I identified is located in Kansas City, Missouri.  The other home is located in Shawnee, Kansas.  (Shawnee is a suburb of Kansas City on the Kansas side to the southwest of the city.)

Starting Monday I’m rolling out my new mailing list to people who want to be in the know.  The mailing list will come out 1-4 times a week with foreclosure real estate or other value-oriented REO property where I believe there is money to be made.  To join the list, just click below.

BBQ Captial:  Kansas City real estate investing well done.
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Olathe, Kansas
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