Landlords Must Pay Tenant’s Bills? How About Their Driving, Too.

A couple posts back I did a short piece called Kansas City Real Estate Post Tax Credit and while the post it’s self was rather innocuous the comments were worth reading about the subject of landlords now being held responsible for bills usually under the purvey of tenants.  You know, for such luxuries as water and sewage.

So I started doing a little looking into it and decided not to say anything until what happened happened.  Seems there was a bit of a bro0-ha-ha about the fact that it had been passed and that landlords were responsible for the water bills whether or not the tenants paid them.  The illustrious City Council of Kansas City, Missouri had passed the ordinance without, of course, having read or been told about the provision in a much larger matter.  (Publicly elected officials not reading what they are voting for is an epidemic around this country.  These laws are written in hundreds if not thousands of pages and no one wants to read them.  Well, I’d say it’s part of your job…but that’s a whole other matter.)

Anywho, the Kansas City Star reports yesterday that KC changes water and sewer bill policy on rental dwellings.

Doesn’t anyone in the freaking country take responsibility for themselves anymore?  When did so many people become a bunch of little pansies?  And taxing?  Please, don’t even get me started.  We wouldn’t have to tax so much if people would just take responsibility for themselves.  (Editorial Note:  I am the father of a daughter with CP.  I, better than most of you, understand fully that some people will never be able to fully support themselves.  There are those who need our help and as a society we should feel morally obligated to do so.  So don’t throw the exception to the rule at me.)

The whole matter that landlords should somehow be responsible for the bills of others is absolutely ridiculous.  Apparently in Arizona this is already the case.  (See comments from the above listed blog post.)  Maybe we as landlords should also be responsible for the gas and electric.  Wait, then we should be responsible for how many cars drive on the roads in front of our rental houses.  Think I’m kidding?

Mission, Kansas considers road fee that would that would link properties, street use.  This too, from the Kansas City Star.  Imagine.


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4 responses to “Landlords Must Pay Tenant’s Bills? How About Their Driving, Too.

  1. Another Investor

    The key statement in the article is “…not many popular ways of raising money…”

    What IS popular is makng government live within its means. Government at all levels does not need more money. Government needs to reduce spending.

  2. Andy

    Sounds like the Mission City Council is about to be outsourced to Bangalore if they don’t watch out.

  3. Pat

    Buried in the KCMO water ordnance that the City council passed without reading that included making the landlord responsible for water bill was a hidden 10% rate increase for water bills. The ordnance included a 10% rate increase and also stated that all water bills were going to monthly billing cycle. A monthly water bill results in an extra three dollars a month increase in fees over bi-monthly bills that most single family and duplex customers currently pay.

    Your water bill is going up 20% not the 10% that was published.

    Was the whole water ordnance overturned or just making landlords responsible?

  4. From how I was reading everything just the part that makes the landlords responsible was overturned. The increase holds. At least to the best of my knowledge.

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