Radon Gas

It’s been a long while since I’ve discussed radon gas here on Kansas City Real Estate & Investing.  But it’s no less an issue.  A misunderstood issue.   An issue surrounded in misinformation, wife’s tales and so on.  But it’s really cut and dry.  Radon gas is dangerous.  How dangerous over what period of time is where all the confusion comes in.

Did you know that radon gas is the #1 cause of lung cancer among non-smokers?

Did you know if you are a smoker radon gas is unbelievably more dangerous to you than a non-smoker?

I suggest taking a minute and making the jump to www.epa.gov/radon for the government’s take on radon gas.

Listen, I don’t want to scare you.  You’re not going to get lung cancer because you drank a few beers at your buddy’s house and his house has high radon levels.  No.  It’s long term exposure that gets you.

For an interesting read about radon gas you can visit this website:


Again, not trying to scare anyone.  But radon gas is real here in the Kansas City area.  A few weeks ago a buyer I was working with tested the house during inspections and the average level was 32.0!  (Government recommended maximum level is 4.0.)  Last night we got another reading from another house by another buyer and it was 4.8.  Both houses can have a radon mitigation system installed for about $750 that will remediate the problem for the next 15 years.  It’s a simple, relatively inexpensive fix.  The test costs about $105.


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2 responses to “Radon Gas

  1. You can also get a home test kit for as little as $15, and it’s sponsored by K-State (http://sosradon.org/test-kits). Takes about 10 days from ordering to testing to results.

  2. Great point Aaron. It should also be said you can get those little charcoal testers at Lowes and Home Depot as well for about $20. I’ve used them and they are reliable. Just takes a lot more time in testing and results.

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